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At East Coast Bible College, we offer foundational theology programs for students who are seeking to grow deep roots in their Christian faith, develop as local church leaders, or serve in vocational ministry in the future.

What do our programs feature?

Our programs feature robust Biblical teaching, deep spiritual formation, practical ministry experience, and relational mentoring opportunities. All of this happens within the context of a local church.

robust biblical EDUCATION

Our programs feature a comprehensive course load with an emphasis on Basic Doctrine, Biblical Studies, and Practical Leadership. Students will take courses such as Old and New Testament Survey, Worldviews (Apologetics), Life of Christ, Holy Spirit, Personal Discipline, Leading People, and more.

DEEP CHARACTER formation in community

Alongside academic studies, students will participate in a weekly small group, during class hours, with our Pastor of Students. This will be a place where students can grow in friendship, and receive encouragement and prayer from one another. This group will also feature ongoing readings and discussions related to the subject of Spiritual Formation and our personal life with God.

HANDS-ON ministry experience

All of our programs also include a practicum requirement. This means that students are required to serve in a ministry in the context of a local church over the duration of their time in our program. This provides students with a weekly outlet to put what they are learning into practice, experiencing for themselves what real ministry is like in various areas of the local church.

relational mentorSHIP

As students learn in the classroom, grow together in a small group, and serve together in the context of a local church, they will get many opportunities to build relationships with our staff, faculty, local church pastors, and ministry leaders. We are interested in making connections and sharing friendships that extend far beyond the handful of months students will be spending with us.